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Lifelong Impact of Perinatal Endocrine Disruptor Exposures (Faulty Hormonal Imprinting)

Author(s): Gyorgy Csaba

Perinatal hormonal imprinting is taking place when the developing hormone receptors meet the target hormone at first occasion. This is needed for the normal function of receptor-hormone complex and valid for life. However, when the developmental window is open, related molecules, as endocrine disruptors also can be bound, causing life-long distortion (faulty hormonal imprinting) which could be manifested as diseases in any period of life (adult age), even it is transgenerationally inherited by an epigenetic route. The nervous system, sexuality and immune system are touched first of all however, some alteration can be observed in the whole human organism. At present most of the well-known endocrine disruptors are man-made steroid hormone-like molecules, utilized in the industry, agrotechnics and medical treatments. The effect of endocrine disruptor molecules seems to be noxious in any period of life however, most deleterious perinatally, causing late manifested faulty imprinting. Nevertheless, faulty imprinting can be provoked also later, at weaning, at adolescence and in continously differentiating cells in the whole life, with less decisive however important consequences. The recognition of faulty hormonal imprinting changed our picture on teratogenesis, as a mass of functional teratogens appeared in the form of endocrine disruptors, and the period of teratogenicity has been prolonged over birth.The industrial, communal or agrotechnical endocrine disruptors are very difficultly avoided however, medical disruptors (hormones, lipid-soluble vitamins etc) must be observed and omitted in the critical periods. The hereditary transmission of faulty hormonal imprinting seems to be dangerous for the future of mankind, although positive effects by the adaptation of endocrine system to the present and future circumstances can be imagined.

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